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Malaysia Mobile App
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To improve the personalized mobile user experience and increase more sales mobile app


2019 August

My Role

Research UX, collect the feedback from various departments, work close with PO and software engineering team. Create the design from wireframe, prototype, design system element, video presentation to final output.

The Challenge

  • Research and study user pain point.
  • Collect business requirements with different directions.
  • Technical limitation
  • Limited resources
  • Less budget supports


  • Although we are small team and facing limited resources. But the team is very supporting each other members.
  • We start from user-centered design. Create the group sharing sections with marketing, business and customer support to share the pain point and their experience from each of the department. After we all have a same direction and starting to plan with the roadmap.
  • Design prototype wireframe and collecting feedback discussion and improve the wireframe again.
  • Before start development, we starting to share with various passenger to collect the feedback
  • After getting the conclusion of the wireframe, software engineering team start developing
  • Deploy and monitor user behavior, data analysis and user feedback and improve the UX again.


In quarterly increase 20-30% user download and engagement.

Note: This case study for personal use only
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